The French Language School

The BBR has 600m² dedicated to French style!

In the heart of Ecla Campus, our other mission is teaching the art of living à la Française…And of living like the French (which is an art in itself!).

So we passed the reins to the Alliance Française Paris to rustle up 3 sessions for our overseas students (based on their level) to kick off their discovery of our “So French Touch” universe.
All courses are guaranteed by the teaching staff at the Alliance Française Paris.

Do you speak French ?

Group course

  • Max. 10 people per session
  • Themed French class SO FRENCH TOUCH : 24H (see details below)
  • Oral fluency & interview practice : 20H

Individual course

  • Oral & written support (accessible to French students) : FORFAIT 6H
  • Private French lessons : PER HOUR

“So French Touch”
€617 per person / 24 hours monthly

16 hours of general course

Broach the basics of the French language with wordplay! Grammar and conjugation obviously, with written and spoken expression too.

8 hours of themed course

The teacher leads you into the universe of the chosen theme, learning French in a enjoyable way. A lovely way to chat in our language and explore our history and traditions.

1 Activity

At the end of the session, we’ll rustle up a cinema night or cultural outing, or a cooking course even, or why not secretly return to the workshops… Our goal is to help you meet incredible passionate people.

So french touch Cinema

An exploration of our heritage and French Cinema legends

So french touch Gastronomy

An exploration of our terroir and regional specialities

So french touch Fashion & Luxury

An exploration of the world of French Fashion and the luxury sector