The objective given was the French Touch, I told myself that I from the South of France was going to be able to honor my city, my region, my country through the symbols that everyone knows. And then, I put myself in the place of a foreign student arriving for the first time in this immense campus not so far from Paris; and it seemed like an evidence to make him discover the French Art de vivre. My goal is also to (re)discover the French way of life to our corporate clients eager for new experiences and to give them the opportunity to find the word sharing which is important in today’s business world.

And there, the incredible genius of Chantal Peyrat, interior architect, has once again demonstrated her talent by exploiting the image of typical French places… The library that reflects our history, the classroom that plunges us into our beautiful schools, the fashion room which underlines the world of French fashion and luxury so well represented abroad and then the Bistro so atypical, a chic version of the road of our campaigns … in all these places, a style, a signature, an element that defines so well the style of Chantal. So for having been able to describe our version of the French Style, a big thank-you and a thousand kisses.

With passion, I went to unearth what I call nuggets and in our soil they are numerous every day to make exceptional products: thanks to Antoine, Rebecca, Laurent, Manon, Olivier, Romain, Séverine, Julie, Stéphanie, Caroline, Mathieu, Stéphane, Fred, Gillou, Sophie, Agathe, Sonia … and those who will join us soon. I adore you !!!

Because we put all our French soul in it, I invite you to come and discover The BBR (in real life), we’ll tell you everything, we’ll explain everything … and then we’ll listen to French songs, we’ll watch old movies, France 🙂

A huge merci to the team at the Agence Sweep for this magnificent website.

Warm thanks to Squad Ecla and its President. And I will not have enough words to thank one by one each person who supported me so that The BBR finally opens its doors … thanks to Anne, Julie, Stéphanie, Philippe, Emmanuel, Véronique, Patrice, Julien, Charles, Raphael, Alexandre and of course the benevolent Florelle. A thought for the incomparable Thomas who has been putting up with the delirious franchouillards for months…. And a nod to the sparkling Justine who will be taking on Ecla Business bookings with me.

Alright, ciao, hold the tears and let’s go to ripailler !