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The aspiration was the French Touch, I said to myself that I, originally from the south of France, would honour my town, my region and my country using symbols everyone knows. Then I put myself in the shoes of an overseas student arriving for the first time in this immense campus not so far from Paris. And the obvious choice was to introduce that individual to the Art of Living à la Française. My aim is also to help our corporate customers eager for new experiences to (re)discover the way of living à la française, and to offer them the possibility to remember the word “sharing”, which is important in the current world of business.

And there, the incredible genius of interior designer Chantal Peyrat once again proved her talents by using the image of typical French places: the library reflects our history; the classroom immerses us in our wonderful schools; the fashion room emphasises the world of French fashion and luxury, which are so well represented overseas. Then the rather atypical Bistrot, a chic version of the roadside café in our countrysides. All these places feature a style, a signature, an element that defines Chantal’s style so well. For knowing how to decrypt our version of French Style, a big thank you and a thousand kisses.

To promote The BBR, I was lucky to have my niece Ines, who has always drawn beautiful characters since she was a child. I asked if she would do me a version of the Petite Parisienne. I am proud to use her perfectly and surely sketched drawings; this “petite parisienne” brings a magical dimension and I already know the adventures will continue… So an enormous hug to Ines and a big up to her character!

With passion, I went on to unearth what I call the gems – and there are many of them in our terroir who make exceptional products every day: thanks to Antoine, Rebecca, Laurent, Manon, Olivier, Romain, Caroline, Mathieu, Stéphane, Fred, Gillou, Sophie, Agathe, Sonia… And those joining us soon. I love you!

This project is underscored by an exceptional partnership; when I presented what our Language School would be, the entire teaching staff of the Alliance Française Paris welcomed with fervour, surprise and vivacity my different way of teaching our beautiful language to overseas students. Then for having supported me along the way, I can only bow before the unbelievable work done and obviously give my thanks to the sparkling Marie.

Because we put all our French soul into it, you’re invited to come and discover The BBR, we’ll tell you everything, explain it all… And then we’ll listen to French songs, watch old films… Do French stuff basically 🙂

Special Thanks go to the entire Agence Sweep team for this wonderful website and for everything marketing.

Warm thanks to Squad Ecla and its President. And there aren’t enough words to individually thank each person who has supported me so that The BBR could finally open its doors… Thanks to Anne, Dominique, Julie, Philippe, Véronique, Patrice, Julien, Séverine, Julie, Stéphanie, Charles, Raphael, Alexandre, Marc and of course, the kind-hearted Florelle. A thought for Marion who has put up with my typically French frenzies for months.