The French Touch Location

For us, The BBR is Bistrot, Bonbon and Réunion

The closest place-to-be near Paris where we have opened our 600m² of cosy meeting rooms for our Business Center and French Language School…

A totally French Touch!


For super swell dining, we eat tranquilou around our selection of franchouillardes conserves – and a very local menu, too. The idea in our chic roadside café is to share, serve up some more and have a good time.

We act as we would at home, discovering local products. A simple menu built around sharing dishes, a French wine list, French beer, French fruit juice, French coffee… Look no further for everything French! What you’ll really fall for are our vegetable conserves, or pork ones (and others!) we found in Aveyron, Tarn, Gascony and Languedoc.


France is an extraordinary country! We all know about French baguettes, cheese and wine (yes, we have that too), but its confectionery varies from region to region and you’ll admit, it’s in a bit of a slump.

Whoops. Watch out now! We all remember hard boiled sweets sticking to our teeth and nougat from the service station… But throughout the year we’ll have you try again and again more than 80 sweets made in France. We love sweets! (and pitigatos) (and chocolate).


Did you know, our rooms can also be used for working! We simply offer a way to do meetings differently, so your discussions might lead to better outcomes.

Give in to a different way of bring your team together, that’s what our rooms were designed to do. By driving out classic arrangements. Great big armchairs or broad tables, we’re cast all at once to a castle in Sologne, a classroom in Bordeaux, a fashion showroom in Paris or even a So French Touch Bistrot (we don’t know which region but it’s certainly here!)

The initials BBR, aren’t they inspiring?