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Entering the universe of

is discovering France and the French mindset: passionate about our traditional French terroir, we also love music and devour candy! We go from place to place, finding the best of the best, just for you!

Our rooms reflect this state of mind, with fabulous décor designed by the Atelier Chantal Peyrat, interior designer. Let us share with you these spaces, where you can hold your most beautiful meetings!

French touch

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The table is great, and we can chill out and eat a selection of the Frenchiest preserves; we also offer a typical terroir menu. The idea is to share, to eat a little more than is reasonable, and have a good time.



Because France is an extraordinary country. People know French baguettes, French cheese, French wine, but French candy varies depending on the region. You can learn more in our French classes.



We must confess, our rooms are also meant for work! They’re great to sit and work in a different, unusual way, and to help exchanges lead to beautiful conclusions…

location salle de reunion ile de france

Business center

Our rooms are fully equipped

The Library

The Library

A very private room where you will succumb to the velvety ambiance around a fireplace, sitting in large armchairs in front of a giant screen…
Life in a cosy castle is magical!

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The Classroom

The Classroom

In France, we love school, and in this room you’ll be taken back to another era.
We’ll let you take your own fantastic trip through your own memories of childhood on school benches.

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The Art Gallery

The Art Gallery

Because we love traipsing through museums and discovering artists in secluded contemporary art galleries, we give to you this opportunity to stay a while in our gallery, a place steeped in history. Incredible!

dejeuner professionnel massy
The Fashion Room

The fashion room

Giving people a taste of France is also showing them the excellence of French style… Did you think the French only wore striped blue and white shirts and berets?
Welcome to style à la française, and enter the world of fashion around large draper’s tables where you can organize your team’s strategy. The Fashion Room, c’est formidable!

dejeuner professionnel palaiseau
The Bistrot

The bistrot

Our Bistrot can cater for up to 80 people. For your lunches, but also for your meetings. It’s also the place to be for our French Touch musical evenings!

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How does
it happen?

Take your time for your day,
our set prices allow you to feast, scoff, raise a glass and work in a convivial way.

90€ (incl. VAT)/person

French Language School

In the heart of Ecla Campus, we also have the goal of helping people discover the Art of Living à la Française… and of living like the French (which is in itself an Art!)

Discover our universe SO FRENCH TOUCH
All classes are given by teachers with FLE (French as a Foreign Language) certification.

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Just one
more thing

Our Little Parisian has selected the best of France to put in the store, a great opportunity to get a souvenir of your time with us (even if we know we haven’t seen the last of you!)

lieu atypique réunion paris

Pack of La Parisienne lager beer

Postcards of the Petite Parisienne

The BBR beret

Pack of BBR lager beer

Jar of Confiture Parisienne jam

Bars by Chocolat des Français

Typically French preserves by Rue Traversette