The Petite Parisienne opens her meeting room doors

Hello! Enjoy! Welcome!

Delving into the universe of The BBR means going off on the discovery of France and the French “esprit”. I’ll be there, a zealous host who’s passionate about our dear old France. I love music and sweets. I’m a little Parisian girl who roams regions in search of the very best for you.

A totally French Touch!


For super swell dining, we eat tranquilou around our selection of franchouillardes conserves – and a very local menu, too. The idea is to share, serve up some more and have a good time.


Because France is an extraordinary country. We all know about French baguettes, cheese and wine, but confectionery varies from region to region. And you’ll admit, it’s in a bit of slump.


Did you know, our rooms can also be used for working! We simply offer a way to do meetings differently, so your discussions might lead to better outcomes.

Business Center

Our rooms are connected and equipped

Am Stram Gram

The Library

The Fashion Room

The Classrooms

How does it work in the Business Center?

“BBR All Inclusive” packages start from €98 pp inc. tax

French Language

The BBR has 600m² dedicated to French style! In the heart of Ecla Campus, our other mission is teaching the art of living à la Française… And of living like the French (which is an art in itself!)
So we passed the reins to the Alliance Française Paris to rustle up 3 sessions for our overseas students (based on their level) to kick off their discovery of our SO FRENCH TOUCH universe. All courses are guaranteed by the teaching staff at the Alliance Française Paris.

How does it work at the French Language School?

“So French Touch” one-off rate at €617 pp per session inc. tax.

One more thing…

Our Petite Parisienne has chosen the best of France for the boutique, a chance to take home a souvenir of your trip (even if you’re coming back – yes, please do!)

Pack of La Parisienne lager beer

Postcards of the Petite Parisienne

The BBR beret

Pack of BBR lager beer

Jar of Confiture Parisienne jam

Bars by Chocolat des Français

Typically French preserves by Rue Traversette